Customized Medications

In every medical practice there are a few patients who do not respond to traditional treatment or who have a unique need or special circumstance. These patients can be helped. Vital Care Compounder’s staff works with physicians and patients to provide the best possible solution for our patients.

Vital Care Compounder takes great pride in our pharmaceutical compounding laboratory.

Because of our high-tech laboratory and equipment, we are able to provide endless possibilities in compounding.

Not only can we prepare common dosage forms such as solutions, suspensions, suppositories and creams, we also have the equipment to properly compound transdermal gels, powders, otic insufflations, nasal sprays, lip balms, inhalations, sterile preparations and more to meet the special needs of our patients.

We will work with your health care provider to change dosage forms, combine multiple medications, source and formulate medications that are no longer commercially available and accommodate sensitivities to achieve the desired therapeutic goals while minimizing the potential for side effects and eliminating unnecessary expense.

We like to think of compounding as taking patient care “back to the future” as we define compounding as “combining an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.”